Audience Analysis Paper

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Within the confines of this paper, I will be discussing the time I had an opportunity to step in and give a presentation in the absence of my Director of Operations. The audience consisted of several members of my own organization and members from another organization that my company wanted to partner with. I will further analyze what characteristics of the audience I considered at the time and what I deemed as appropriate communication channels in order to get my message out. I’ll furthermore provide a conclusion as to what the outcome of the presentation was. When being tasked with the assignment of giving a presentation to members of my own organization along with representatives of a very large online auction, the first thought that…show more content…
That led me to believe that I had touched on characteristic five in our text, where the question is asked, “What are the audiences expectations about the appropriate language, organization and form of messages.” (Locker & Kienzler, 2008) Let me now explain how I was able to accomplish and subsequently identify and use these characteristics to my advantage. Not only did I have the benefit of presenting a great product that is mutually beneficial to both companies, I was able to hold the attention of the audience by utilizing several communication channels. By using PowerPoint and web conferencing tools the electronic communication channel was the primary method of assisting me in getting my message out. Secondly, while talking to the group and using the PowerPoint as a guide, I made a conscientious effort to maintain eye contact and vary the speed in which I was talking. Doing this kept my audience engaged and allowed me to stay in tuned with them, determining if they were lost or losing interest. Next, I was able to show the benefits of our product while also providing facts related to how our website would enhance the lives of our mutual customers while simultaneously giving those same customers all the necessary information they needed to make a well informed purchasing decision. The last thing I was able to accomplish was
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