Audience Engagement And Marketing And Audience Development

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When an arts organisation is balancing their artistic, financial and social objectives, the organisation is also thinking about engaging and targeting a specific audience for whom these objectives will suit. To do this, several approaches to audience development will be taken in order to help the organisation meet their overall aims.

In order to meet these several objectives that arts organisations set themselves, during their planning they need to take into consideration the levels of audience engagement and use marketing and audience development approaches in order to reach these aims. Arts Council England says audience engagement is the activity which is taken to meet needs of existing or potential audiences and to help arts
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Throughout this essay there will be case studies of campaign plans and an analysis of how the above principles have been applied in order to help an arts organisation meet their organisational aims.
When incorporating audience engagement into any form of plan, one first needs to know if their target audience is ‘available’ or unavailable. Keith Diggle says that ‘Within your catchment area there is an Available Audience – aim for your Available Audience now and your Unavailable Audience later’ (29). This is an important point to reflect on when considering audience development, as an available audience has ‘already experienced the art form you and your organisation are presenting and include such experiences in their regular diet of activity’ where as an unavailable audience ‘is made up of those people who do not attend events of the type you are presenting and do not feel any particular need to attend such events’ (34). When balancing social, artistic and financial objectives it is crucial to take into account your available and unavailable audiences as one needs to ensure your objectives are targeting the most appropriate and useful audience, especially when one’s objectives involve attracting a group who are ‘defined by their social or economic class, or by their age or by their taste in a particular manifestation of an art
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