Audience and Belonging in “Remember The Titans” by Boaz Yakin

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“Remember The Titans” by Boaz Yakin is a visual where both the African Americans and All Americans still live in a time where racism was stronger and more open then today. When the school board decides to integrate both schools the white community doesn’t take it to well and a Young African youth is slain which causes uproar in the city. The uniting of both schools goes on and we as audience can see the hostility shown towards both races. It’s not until the football team and leaders unite do we start seeing a change in the community. The respect for an individual isn’t based upon his color but his soul. The uniting of a team brings a community bound by racism and hatred together for the greater good. The director’s purpose in creating…show more content…
The scene where Coach Boone and the team are at Gettysburg is very significant and a turning point of the film for the team. In this scene the director uses dark foggy lighting to show the audience “this is not a place of happiness but of war and sacrifice”. This is very significant as it juxtaposes with the purpose of Coach Boone to reunite the African Americans with the All Americans as Gettysburg was the same where hundreds of thousands of young man like themselves united to kill each other. “Fighting the same fight, that were still fighting among ourselves today”. This technique is used to show that belonging to a society you must go back to the starting point and rewrite history which is exactly what happened from that point on. The director in this scene uses non-diegetic sound to show the bond which is forming as the team comes together to belong to a common purpose. Also in this scene reality is brought out as it shows what really happened and helps the audience to understand and perceive that hatred and prejudice towards another race or group can’t be solved only forgotten and forgiven. “ If we don’t come together on this hollow ground we to will be destroyed” this quote helps the audience understand that pride and prejudice towards another race will only bring destruction, never will one race be the ultimate we are all equal and are loved the same way by almighty God. Also, in this

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