Audio Amplifier System With Digital Delay Effects

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Introduction CE 3.1 The project “Audio amplifier system with digital delay effects” was completed as a major aspect of the Bachelor of engineering degree from Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology. Chronology : 2009 Geographical location : Bangalore Organization Name : Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology Project Name : Audio amplifier system with digital delay effects Title of Position : Student Background CE 3.2 This career episode briefly outlines my commitment for the effective work in completing my task and the duties where I dealt with specialized issues according to my learning. I have taken required care in furnishing all the details of veritable…show more content…
CE 3.3.1 In our project, we implemented these effects using the concept of digital delay. Four types of effects are produced using a digital signal processing kit TMS320C6713 which is programmed using C language. I converted an analog signal to a digital signal and processed for the desired effect using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The enhanced output from the DSP is then converted back to an analog signal and fed to a speaker. Digital circuitry was a perfect fit for the process of storing a signal and then playing it back at a specified time interval. It also solved the problem of losing the high frequencies on longer delay times. CE 3.3.2 I looked at the delay and realized that it is used as a sound enhancement and also can be used on virtually any instrument and on vocals. I researched why delay is used in this application and electrical signal move at a much higher speed than sound. I learnt Delay is an audio effect which records an input signal to an audio storage medium, and then plays it back after a period of time. Audio storage refers to techniques and formats used to store audio with the goal to reproduce the audio later using audio signal processing to something that resembles the original. I used the FIR echo algorithm that calculates the current output buffer value by adding the current input buffer value to an input buffer value that occurred a certain amount of time in the

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