Audio Digital Devices

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An S-curve analysis of the portable audio players industry yields interesting insights about the technological evolution of the industry as well as the implications for the firms competing in the market of such devices. In order to effectively analyze the industry it is useful to first provide a brief overview of the evolution of the technology of portable audio players. In 1964 the first portable audio device was introduced in the market, the 8 track cartridge stereo. The four most important features of this device from the perspective of the customer and thus relevant for S-curve analysis were size of the device, storage capacity, audio quality and ease of use (I will limit to the discussion of selecting the song a customer wants the …show more content…
The area where the curves overlap (where the CD curve has a lower level on the y-axis than the audiocassette player) represents the introduction of CD players which were originally larger than portable audiocassette players such as Sony’s Walkman. Finally, we see that the S-curve of the digital audio players starts at a higher level than the one for CDs as from the outset such devices were extremely small given the new technology. While one could conceivably think of an increasingly smaller device being developed with digital technology it would reach a natural limit as you need a certain minimum amount of material to make the device. I will define storage capacity as “storage capacity given the size of the storage device”. Regarding storage capacity cassettes had less storage capacity than CD players when CD players were introduced, thus we see CD players having an S-curve that starts above that of cassette players. When digital devices appeared in the market they had a much larger storage capacity than CDs therefore we see a large vertical gap between CD players and digital audio devices (iPod for example). Regarding storage capacity one could conceivably think that digital devices could improve dramatically however one would approach a limit as at
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