Audi’s Performance in Chinese Market

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Audi’s performance in Chinese market Introduction Audi is one of the world leading luxury vehicle brand that is own by Volkswagen group. It enjoys the same reputation as BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the international market. In China, it expands rapidly during the past two decades. Currently, in the segment of vehicle market for business and governmental use, Audi has achieved satisfactory performance (Hua, 2010). The aim of this essay is to study Audi’s marketing strategy in combination with marketing theories. Firstly, its marketing activity in China will be introduced. Secondly, relevant marketing theories that can be used to explain the activities will also be described. Thirdly, whether Audi’s marketing strategy has achieved…show more content…
These features are highly recognized by governmental officers and businessmen. However, due to its unique targeting strategy, it has not win compatible brand recognition among the public. Although Audi enter much earlier than BMW and Benz in the luxury car market, its marketing strategy limited increase of public brand recognition even Audi has over 100 years’ history. Besides, although its styles are highly accepted by the targeting customers, there are a growing number of people who can afford luxury cars for family use in China. Lack of vitality is limit of its further market expansion. On the contrary, its major competitor in China, BMW, has launched a series of marketing strategies to promote its high-performance, manoeuvrability, as well as stylish design to attract young people (BMW, 2009) in order to expand its market share. Therefore, although Audi has achieved success in the targeting market, it may consider further development through diversification in product line and advertising campaign. Conclusion To sum up, Audi’s marketing strategy in China is different from its strategy in other parts of the world. It typically focuses on high-end market for governmental and business use. Through examining its SPT strategies, it was found that Audi has a clear understanding of its targeting customers and has developed correspondent marketing strategies. Localization is a major theme in

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