Audit Evidence And Audit Of Cba Organizations

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Audit Evidence
Enactus Pitt - Audit of CBA Organizations
Prepared by Kevin Wilson, McLain Vincent, Dan Lawless


Enactus is a club with the mission of promoting entrepreneurial action that enhances the sustainability of our world. The club is located within the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. Our task as auditors is to examine and understand the club. The goal of this project is to issue a recommendation for improvements that our client can make. The following report will detail the evidence we are gathering that will support the final audit report and recommendations.


Questionnaire/Interview: To gather evidence pertaining to the club’s mission we interviewed the current president, Grant Jacoby. The questionnaire helped us learn about the club’s mission statement, how they communicate with members, how meetings are run, and what the clubs governance structure is like. We also learned about the project management process and heard examples of past and current projects, both successful and failed, as well as promising future projects.

Enactus tries to foster entrepreneurship opportunities, support projects both financially and intellectually, and provide networking opportunities among members.
The mission is communicated primarily at meetings, through word of mouth, and social media.
The governance structure at the moment only includes Grant as President, with Mario and a few others helping out with what is needed. By next…
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