Audit Plan for Dollarama Essay

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[pic] | Our firm - Chiu & Weisserman LLP has been appointed as the new auditor of the public company Dollarama Inc. for the current fiscal year-end as at January 29, 2012. Please find in the following pages a report on the audit plan that was used to conduct our audit for the year ended January 29, 2012. Even though the audit of 2012 was performed by PWC, the assumption used for this project was that our firm was the new auditor for 2012. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Yours Sincerely, June 12th, 2012…show more content…
If we analyze Dollar Store, we will see that it has established over 140 stores across Canada since its inception in 1998. As it has been considerably increasing its market reach across Canada; they are considered a direct competitor to Dollarama. On the other hand, Great Canadian Dollar stores are extending their reach in eastern Canada. Additionally, they are very present in the community by offering both charitable and communal support. At last, Dollar Tree is a growing chain of discounted retail stores in the United States. It operates over 4400 retail stores in 48 states of the US and in Canada. Thus, they are ready to expand their customer base into Canada. Also, Dollar Tree offers a much broader range of products compared to Dollarama, for example frozen foods and dairy items. As such, there is a very high competition in the discounted retail stores industry. However, in such a high competitive environment, Dollarama is still able to open over 150 stores in the past four years only. Also, considering their stock trend, their share price had increased from 25$ to 56.90$ per share in only one year. That represents a growth of 128% in a single year. We can conclude that their shares are in demand in our current market environment. Thus, we can assess that they are very well positioned in today’s competitive environment. 4.

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