Auditing of Educational Institutions

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INTRODUCTION; 2 DEFINITIONS 3 Auditing 3 Financial statements: 4 Educational institutions 4 FINANCIAL AUDITING: 5 Objectives of auditing: 5 Primary objects 6 Subsidiary objects: 6 General Principles Governing an Audit of Financial Statements 6 Qualities of an auditor: 7 Types of audit: 7 Statutory audits: 7 Private audits 7 Internal audits: 7 Required procedures: 8 Auditors report: 9 AUDITING OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS 9 INTRODUCTION: 9 Background of auditing educational institutions: 9 Reasons and purposes of auditing school accounts: 10 Expectations of the schools’ accounts auditor: 12 Types of auditing 13 Internal auditing 14 External auditing: 15 Records and books of accounts for external auditing. 17 Audit …show more content…
Financial statements: According to business management refers to the planning, directing ,monitoring organizing and controlling of monetary resources of an organization
Educational institutions Thesaurus defines educational institutions as organizations dedicated to education

Financial Auditing: According to Millichamp (2006), the problem which has always existed when managers’ report to owners is: can the owners believe the financial report. This is because the report may contain errors, not disclose fraud, be inadvertently misleading, be deliberately misleading, fail to disclose relevant information or fail to conform to regulations. Millichamp suggests that the solution to this problem of credibility in reports and accounts lies in appointing an independent person called an auditor to investigate the report and report on his findings. In general, published accounts are required to confirm to the accounting standards. Part of the auditors’ duties is to assess whether or not the financial statements he is auditing do comply in general and in detail with the accounting standards. Auditing is carried out by accountants in public practice. Accountancy is a profession and professions have certain characteristics including
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