Audra Knelt On A Pillow Before The Altar In The Castle’S

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Audra knelt on a pillow before the altar in the castle’s chapel. A month ago, the tiny room served as an overflow guest chamber, but Audra had it converted into a place where people might pray and reflect. It was on the first floor, tucked away in a corner, and offered a view of the garden (if one strained her neck).
As Audra grew older, the gods and goddesses seemed closer, more accessible and less mysterious. She in no way considered herself a pious woman, but when she prayed, she felt heard. While the gods and goddesses certainly did not solve all her problems, they listened, and that was often all the support she needed. This was all a part of aging, she assumed, casting off the doubts of youth and connecting to something larger, a
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And, of course, Vaughan, Faye, and their family were always at Audra’s side. Vaughan and Faye were her two oldest friends, and she could never thank them enough for their unwavering loyalty and love. They had taught her the true meaning of enduring friendship.
Of course, one could never forget Geraint, even though she’d seen him recently. They promised to visit one another every other year, with him visiting one year and she the next. They’d never be parted for long again.
Audra closed her eyes and smiled, thinking of Dillan and how proud Trana and Eudaf would be of their son. He was the definition of a free thinker, but she had never known a young man so devoted to his kingdom and duties as a knight and advisor. Dillan was like another son to her, but she realized she needed to do a better job of showing him that. As always, she let her memories drift to the deceased and whispered words of love to them—Lowri, Petra, Eudaf, Trana, and Owena (yes, Owena). She saved her mother and Carlton for last.
“Mam, I love you. I can never thank you enough for teaching me the importance of second chances. Thank you for loving me. I did not have you back in my life for long enough,” whispered Audra, “but our time together changed me. Thank you.”
When her focus shifted to Carlton, her throat tightened, but that was typical. While Maxen had captured her heart and soul, she still treasured those the years she spent with Carlton. She and her Carlton had shared a close bond,
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