Audrey's Biggest Dream: A Life Of Audrey Ferrer

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According to her son Sean Hepburn Ferrer (2003:164-166) Audrey’s biggest dream was to have a happy and a big family. She could not find a happiness for a very long time. She got married twice. Audrey’s first husband was an American actor, director and producer Mel Ferrer. In 1960 she gave birth to their son Sean. They had been married for fourteen years. After a year, in 1969 she got married again. Her second husband was a psychiatrist, his name was Andrea Dotti. Their son Luca was born in 1970. They spent together thirteen years. However, before the birth of Sean and Luca she miscarried three times. These experiences were very tough and very painful for Audrey. She dreamed about having her own children her whole life. She wanted to give them
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