Auggie Summary

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The book is about when there is this boy name Auggie. He was homeschooled. Auggie was in 5th grade, then Auggie went to school for the very first time, the people that took him to school was his mom, dad, and Via his sister. Auggie met some new friends. The people that he met were, Julian, Miranda, Justin, Jack, Amos, Henry,Henry, Mr.Brown, Charlotte, Daisy, Christopher, Summer, Eddie, Ms. Rubin, Jamie The teacher’s name was Mr. Tushman,and Miss G. Auggie’s dog had died I think that it was his dog that had died. Miranda had got a little dog. But I think that Auggie’s dog died, and he was so sad because his dog died, But he was really sad and when it was night time he couldn’t sleep so he went into the parents room and he said his mother and
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