Augmentative Communication Systems-Sign Languages, PECS

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The topic for today's reading was Augmentative Communication Systems-Sign Languages, PECS. In the assigned reading and module, we observe that a characteristic of autism is difficulty developing and using verbal speech to communicate with others. The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is used to help children with autism to develop a system for communicating with others across multiple environments. It is used most often with learners that are non-verbal, but can also be used with learners with limited verbal skills. PECS can be used across age ranges, starting in preschool, to help individuals with ASD communicate with others. In fact, research has shown that learners can use PECS to increases their work production
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This system of communication makes easier for the person with autism to let others know what their need or want, as well as reducing the frustration of the person with autism for not being able to communicate. Indeed, The Picture Exchange Communication System has many positive aspects and is a well-organized and supervised system.
One of the aspects of PECS that I like is how the people around the individual to use this system can see the results and progress, and how the person can implement the same communication skills in different settings. In comparison to others non-verbal communication systems for people with autism from past readings, it seems that PECS have better outcomes and is more recommendable to use. Although PECS can present difficulty at interpreting some of the used symbols, like the generic and mood/feeling symbols. The identification of feelings through cards could represent an issue because a person with autism presents difficulty at identifying their mood and feelings.
Another issue that this system can show is that the communication is limited to the pictures available for which parents and teachers around the person with autism must plan ahead for pictures needed. Finally, the longer a person with autism uses PECS, the greater the variety of picture/symbol cards that can provide. This may take extra effort of the parents or
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