Augmented Reality And Wearable Devices

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“Augmented reality and wearable devices will be implemented to monitor and give quick feedback on daily life, especially tied to personal health.”
Augmented reality is a descriptive used to explain the ways in which information layers added by networked devices can inform people in ways that were not possible before the wireless Internet” (Pew Research Center).

Summary The paper describes the many different ways augmental reality is contributing to the new era of technology. You will find the many different uses for augmented reality in healthcare such as practical surgeon operations and tracking activity. These technologies can advance the way students and surgeons can practice life-threatening surgeries or operations, with the aid of a wearable device that can act as an expert assistance. Tracking and monitoring health now doesn’t require a trip to the doctor. Now many of the basic data can be track by simply wearing a device on your wrist. This data can be very crucial to knowing your lifestyle and can help you build a healthy habit. Along with healthcare you will also be introduced to a new way communications are presented. Students are now being introduced to many of the new technology that allows them to interact with the learning material instead of the plain printed textbook. Researchers are finding that the interactions are dramatically increases which leads
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