August Heat By W. F. Harvey: Suspense

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The suspense in a horror story is everything. It's what want’s the viewer or reader want to continue the horror story without stopping because they eagerly want to find out what is going to happen. When reading or seeing a horror story what makes you want to continue it is the suspense the writer adds to it. To some, it's the sound, the actions, or because they bought a ticket to watch it, but he best way to create a horror story that people would actually want to read or watch is to add suspense for amusement . Therefore, the short story “August Heat” by W.F. Harvey creates a suspense to its reader by its actions. Harvey starts with the date James Clarence Withencroft is supposed to die and continues by adding how James got that date. Harvey…show more content…
If you go back home to-night, you take your chance of accidents. A cart may run over you, and there's always banana skins and orange peel, to say nothing of fallen ladders." This is foreshadowing how James might die, so suggesting that he stays with Mr. Atkinson creates more suspense for the reader wanting them to find out what will happen to him if he stays with Mr. Atkinson for the night. The fact that Harvey doesn’t end the story how we expect it to end without knowing if James dies or not is probably the biggest suspense that Harvey created at the end of the story. In conclusion, the suspense that is created in a horror story is everything that creates it and wants the viewer or reader want to continue it. The story “August Heat” by W.F. Harvey is a short story that creates a lot of suspense throughout the story. With Harvey starting with a mysterious date that turns out to be James “death date” and the person who guessed his “death date” was a “Worker In English And Italian Marbles” and having James have a portrait of this man without these two men not knowing each other is crazy. The suspense is carried on until the end without having to know if James ever

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