Essay on August Wilson's: "Fences"

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August Wilson’s: “Fences” In “Fences”, August Wilson tells the story of an ex-negro league baseball hero, Troy Maxon. Troy is a bitter man, withering away in his own hatred for the way things “are”, as well as his inability to see the world has changed. Troy has an “iron grip” on his family in the beginning, however as the story progresses the family breaks loose of the physical and emotional ties that are holding them down. Wilson uses character, setting, and symbolism to set the scene for Troy’s inner torment. Through characterization Wilson introduces Troy. Troy is a garbage collector. The year is 1957, which…show more content…
Cory has a chance at a football scholarship, and yet Troy refuses to let him have his chance, stating, “The white man ain’t gonna let you get nowhere with that football noway” (1591; act I; scene 3). While Troy’s past experiences have shaped his opinions, there is definitely an element of jealousy there as well, for the opportunities not offered him, but are being offered to Cory. In “Fertile ground: August Wilson’s ‘Fences’”, Mollie Wilson O’Reilly adds, “Resentment over having come along ‘too early’ to build a career in baseball as a black man keeps Troy from acknowledging that conditions may ever be better for his son…” (O’Reilly). Troy is resistant to change. While a part of him is truly trying to help Cory get into a profession that “…nobody can take away…” (1590; act I; scene 3), another part of him is obviously secretly jealous, trying, essentially, to keep Cory down as he had been kept down for so many years. O’Reilly states, “Troy’s life has been shaped by racial discrimination, economic injustice, and an abusive upbringing” (O’Reilly). So, Troy is in fact trying to break the cycle of abuse and
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