Augusta Resource Corporation and Their Mining Video Aimed to Support Their Project

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In 2006, a Canadian company called Augusta resource Corporation proposed an initial plan of developing a copper mine in southeast of Arizona. The controversy started after the company submitted their proposal, the opponents of this plan were mainly Arizona locals, which they believe that this copper mine will affect the local tourism and bring permanent damage to the environment. Therefore, the company Augusta Resource Corporation created this Facebook video demonstrates how this project is going to bring benefits to the locals and stimulates the overall economy while keep the environmental damage as a minimal. This video gives a comprehensive overview of how industrialization has shaped America and the benefits this mine will bring, furthermore, it emphasizes how several national organizations have supported their plan. Through the use of ethos, this video mentioned several well known organizations such as NEPA and Mined America, has evaluated their plan, in addition, the video provides strong and believable evidences of this mine’s advantage with official data and the use of color green, in order to convince not only the locals but also the government. The video can separate into three parts, and each part gives a different presentation of ethos, also, each part has different impacts on audiences who are watching this video. The author of this Facebook video is a Canadian base metal company called Augusta Resource Corporation; their current project is to advance the

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