Augustine : A Journey Of Conversion

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Caroline Casey
Dr. Butera
Development of Western Civilization
2 December 2014
Augustine: A Journey of Conversion Before submitting himself to God, Augustine lived a life controlled by various sinful tendencies such as theft and lust. Surrounded by strong believers of Catholicism, such as his mother, St. Monica, Augustine grew up questioning Christ and the faith and rather explored other religions. Two religions that Augustine devoted himself to were Manichaeism and Neoplatonism. While both religions had strengths and flaws, neither truly satisfied Augustine’s spiritual emptiness. Before devoting himself fully to the Catholic faith, Augustine is seen as an honorable saint because of the significance of his works and teachings. Augustine’s conversion from Manichaeism to Neoplatonism to Catholicism as noted through Confessions, transformed his life from being powered by sin and immortality to a life dominated by rectitude and devotion. One of the religions that Augustine primarily devoted himself to before his conversion was Manichaeism. Augustine was attracted to the teachings and values of Manichaeism because of the way they explained evil, saying there are two gods: one good and one evil. Throughout Augustine’s youth, Catholic teachings did not further answer his questions regarding the issue, as described when Augustine states: “Above all, I heard first one, then another, then many difficult passages in the Old Testament scriptures figuratively interpreted, where I, by
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