Augustine : A New Biography

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Augustine: A New Biography by James O’Donnell truly challenges readers to view Augustine through a different lens. Augustine, who greatly influenced Christian philosophy and the development of Christianity as a whole within Western Civilization, is known by people around the world. These people will more than likely be dismayed when they read James O’Donnell’s view of Augustine in which they possibly, will call blasphemous. O’ Donnell claims that his biography starts where Augustine’s Confessions ends. It is understandable that an everyday person would not want to include everything in their memoir, but when it comes to St. Augustine and a book called Confessions, we might need to cast out our trust a little. O’ Donnell’s biography challenges readers to reel that trust back in as he challenges the life of St. Augustine. Of course there are people who are already weary of Augustine and his views, in which this book would be very beneficial to them. If anything, this book provides interesting bias about one of histories greatest figures. O’Donnell, who clearly has a gift for not being seduced by Augustine’s writings, provides information that explains that St. Augustine is not the influential being that we all thought. O’Donnell works to provide information about the true Augustine by shedding light on Augustine’s passion for Christianity, by exposing his goal of self-promotion, and telling of Augustine’s god.
St. Augustine is known for being a great influence on Christianity.
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