Augustine Vs Aquinas Research Paper

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Saint Thomas Aquinas is a christian philosopher that lived from the year 1225 to the year 1274. Aquinas is often referred to as having a very Aristotelian point of view when it comes to his philosophy. While Saint Augustine another christian philosopher was referred to as being the plato of the middle ages. The difference between the two is that Augustine focuses on what happens after life and reuniting with God. While Aquinas is more focused on our actions on earth. Aquinas also believes that all human ends can be attainted. Saint Aquinas main focus in his philosophy is on humans actions while they are on this earth. Aquinas stresses that mankind needs to follow what God commands. Mankind needs to understand and follow God’s eternal laws. Aquinas also focuses on the difference of good acts of will and bad acts of will.…show more content…
Aquinas strongly believes that especially ignorance and fear is not an excuse for an evil act. Aquinas say’s “Fear has reference to evil” (Denise et al., 83). Aquinas believes that because fear has association with evil that an act based in fear is an evil act. Aquinas asserts thais ideal when he say’s “He who acts from fear retains the repugnance of the will to that which he does.” (Denise et al., 83). If the act from fear has evil consequences then that person must assume the moral responsibility that comes along with the act. Aquinas believes the same thing applies with ignorance. Aquinas believes that all voluntary acts should assume moral responsibility. Saint Thomas Aquinas asserts that “Ignorance itself is voluntary” (Denise et al., 83) Since ignorance is considered a voluntary act then the person who acted in ignorance does have to take moral responsibility for their actions. Aquinas believes that fear and ignorance are not excuses for peoples actions because it’s important for people to take moral
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