Augustine 's Confessions By Augustine

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Augustine’s Confessions is the account of how Augustine himself came up from living a sinful life to a life filled with faith. In the early parts of his books, Augustine discusses many experiences or memories form what he remember from his earlier life. He reflects on the instances of how he lived a life without God being the reason for living. In these early books, Augustine lists his faults to God, but in the later books, such as Book X, he turns away from listing his complications with religion to praising God. As he examines his profound spiritual connection with God, Augustine proposes a question. He asks, “what is it that I love when I love you [God]?” (Book X: VI 193) This questioning has led Augustine to look for God. In Book X, he examines and searches for God, inward, in his own mind. Without being a professional about how the mind works, Augustine takes the challenge head on to see how the mid can compare to faith. The mind is a tricky and a vast phenomena. He has come up with four different aspects in regards to the human mind and memory. He examines his senses, skills, ideas, and emotions to each other to help him in his search of God in his own mind. Augustine starts his quest of trying to find God within him, by starting with sensory memories. Sensory memories are the most obvious kind of memories to the human mind. These memories work as images that are taken through out our life. They can be tasted, heard and seen. Augustine then recalls his…

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