Augustine 's Confessions By John Augustine Essay

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In the book Augustine’s Confessions, there were multiply themes in the story which made the book great. One theme of Augustine’s Confession is the problem which many Americans face today. That is evil. Evil is everywhere in the world. Augustine lost his mistress, mother and even his own son in the book. He had to also figure out why god is punishing people with these action. So found out the answer to the evil, Augustine ask why is God good and still allows suffering to exist. Augustine found out that evil because of the free will that people have. God lets human pick what to do with their lives and the evil comes from the choices which you have decided. For example, a pregnant mother decides to drink alcohol while carrying her baby around. When the baby is finally born, the baby has problems with earing, talking, or even speaking. This is the evil choice which the mother had made. There are many kinds of evil and one of them are natural evil. Natural evil is a disease which another human has and it spreads around town. For example, people during the winter time have the flu. The flu spreads around town and soon enough, everyone will have it. This is a natural evil because you didn’t cause it. Another example of natural evil is the black plague. The black plague spreads all over Europe and killed about 30 to 60 percent of Europe. The black plague was started in China due to the workers not cleaning up there shop. Soon enough, it was death of 350 million people. It is said to
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