Augustine 's View Of Slavery Essay

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Augustine’s overall view of slavery in Book 19, of chapter 14, is controversial, because mankind was originally meant only to rule over non-rational creature. For the focused problem that arises from Augustine view is his concluding statement in chapter 14. “The apostle therefore admonishes servants to be obedient to their master’s, and to serve them loyally and with good will […] they can at least make their own slavery to some extent free” [944]. The entailing notion that as long as the individual is in good health, and has time to freely practice their faith towards God, then so be their mortal position as a slave. Given they will possess eternal peace, and freedom in the city of God. Nevertheless, this notion remains problematic, given there may be a moral limits the servant is willing to follow, especially if the actions or will of their conquering master conflicts with the agent’s own religious/moral views. Additionally, the issue with Augustine’s general view of slavery, in how the Aristotelian definition heavily influences his vision of what slavery is, and the problem that comes with it. Moreover, the problem of the slave enabling, aiding or allowing their master to perform their sinister acts, and whether the Christian slave ought to rebel against them. lastly, the dilemma of family obligations which conflicts with servitude. Therefore, this essay will argue against Augustine’s conclusion of slavery, in regards to the disposition of the slave, and the dilemmas that…
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