Augustine's Priority Of Faith Over Reason

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Page 26 – Most theologians, like Augustine of Hippo, emphasized the priority of faith over reason, since faith comes from God via revelation, and philosophy from the reasoning of fallen human beings. Yet the two were not generally seen as irreconcilable, and, on the whole, philosophy was seen as useful to theology.
In all of our debates we have been talking as if its one or the other, why do we feel the need to chose?
Explanation: I relate most to Augustine, who emphasizes the priority of faith over reason however the two are not irreconcilable and can be useful to each other.
2. Page 28 – “Draper capitalized “science” elevating its status from the outset. His point is clear: thinking people choose science; simpletons choose faith.”
Q: When he says simpletons, what exactly does he means?
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If we look back in history, theology set a foundation for science and science can be expanded through faith and the understanding of who God is. Additionally, most of the major figures in the development of early science, were
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