Augustinian Volunteers Research Paper

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Mikaela Yager-Moberg

About seventy million people in the United States don’t get schooling and that’s just in the U.S.. When it comes to putting others needs before yours that is when Augustinian Volunteers is there to help. They are treating not only the way God wants them to be treated but also the way that God would have treated them himself. At Augustinian the volunteers are helping teaching kids and others around the world. Not only do they help teach but they also help in social services and grow people’s relationship with God.
When they are going to teach or help teach, they will assist as coach, teacher aids, instructors, campus minister, etc.. They will also play some of these roles at after school programs too. Most kids today
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Some people would question why there is not many kids involved in the church or not making the change. So, that’s why Augustinian Volunteers are there to be involved in the way that’s best for not only themselves but everyone else too. They will now preach the gospel. They will pass their knowledge on God down to the ones that don’t have much of it. Doesn’t only change the people you are helping but it changes your life too. You end up learning more and going down the right path that God has created for you. It is about that feeling you get when you accomplish something. That something is making an impact on thousands of people the Augustinians get each year. Acting as an Augustin wanted, serving the people of God, living and eating together and just searching for God together.
Overall, the Augustinian Volunteers are there to help teach, coach, etc., assist their needs before you medically, physically or mentally and spreading the word of God. Help not only the student but the teachers too. Stand by people side and just listen to them and be there for them. Spreading the word of God and the kindness of how God would treat others like you and me. Now you can join this community and “be part of something
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