Augustus Caesar and the Roman Empire Essay

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In the antique land of Rome, a shattered visage of a man lies. This statue, in frigid stone, represents a man who built one of the most formidable empires in human history, all while setting the course for its eventual downfall. As the morning sun rises over the horizon in a blaze of glory, the statue illuminates and reveals the somewhat melancholic ivy as it slowly envelops the forgotten emperor. Beside the statue, hanging on a ruined stone wall, is a painting of the city that once stood tall and proud. The painting depicts a beautiful scene that shows a joyous crowd watching in awe as colossal wooden galleons triumphantly enter the city on a river. You stare into the painting and as you look deeper you find yourself transported back in…show more content…
There are no marble arches and no lighthouses. The river has dried up with the memory of the empire and the bones of a dead leader have long since turned to dust. Colossal galleons and crowds to greet victorious soldiers are no longer even a memory in the minds of those alive today, simply words on paper in books gathering dust in the darkest corner of a room. There is no-one to remember the beauty of the vast city; no-one to describe the sight of the lighthouses and no-one to recall the crisp aroma of the once majestic river. All that remains are the few paintings and statues that did not dissolve with time. The dust of the bones of men, women and children long since dead has faded from existence. There is no-one left to remember the man selling wares in the street or the woman grieving over the soldier she loved. Nobody holds the memory of the child playing in the park or the servant bringing a pitcher of water to his master. The meaning behind the statue has faded from everyone’s mind. The man, whose wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command secured his victory in every battle he fought, has dissolved into nothing more than a story in a book. As the impending dawn draws near, a daunting sight can be seen in the distance. The remains of what was once the centre of this ruined empire glows in the morning light. Temples have crumbled to dust, leaving only the foundations on
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