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Augustus and His Success in Creating a Strong and Religious State

Throughout his life, Augustus, the first emperor of Rome and self-proclaimed “restorer of the Republic”, sought to improve society. After a disastrous century of disorder, internal turmoil and a political system that was ultimately unsatisfactory for the empire, Augustus attempted to formulate a new Roman government and way of life. He believed that the degradation of Rome was due in large part to a “breakdown in religious tradition as well as political and moral order. Old rites had been forgotten, old temples were allowed to crumble in neglect, and the gods were angry with this”. Augustus attempted to renew peace and stability in Rome through political and
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It included scenes of religious rites, processionals, Augustus and his family, (thus demonstrating his own piety), as well as conveying a sense of peace and Roman pride. The revitalization of Rome’s religious buildings was an enormous step in the religious revival of the Empire, and the healthy condition of the shrines confirmed for observers the healthy condition of the state as restored by Augustus. Word of this achievement was widespread; coins spread throughout the empire depicting the refreshed and attractive monuments. Ancient Roman coins were often used to convey political ideals, and Augustus “turned this tradition to his own purposes by stamping significant types on the coins such as ‘peace’ and ‘victory’”. Augustus not only commissioned coins which spread word about his achievements, but also those which associated him with the gods-gods which he was making such an effort to revive. Many coins depict pictures or symbols of the gods, such as Apollo, and by his association with these religious entities, Augustus was able to subtlety remind people of his power and greatness. Although the revitalization of Rome’s religious monuments did wonders to instill a renewed sense of faith in the state, Augustus realized that to truly revive Roman religion, he had to also awaken an

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