Augustus Principate Analysis

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The settlement of 27 BC and 23 BC leave little doubt about where real power lay. The settlement through the two of these constitutional arrangements has some roles that it is needed to be conformed in the development of Augustus principate because they were a decisive role in the establishment of Augustus principate. Augustus has used sundry political strategies to obtain control in Rome. These successful strategies, has been suitably evolved in Augustus gaining his superior power in various districts essentially the Roman army and increasing the founding of his developing Principate. Two roles and responsibilities of the settlements are Judicial, Senatorial court plus two consuls tried people of high rank tried people of high rank and financial…show more content…
There are other interpretations claiming that the citizens of Rome and senators saying that it wasn’t a plan however, it was Augustus spiritually wanting to give his power to the Senate. Moreover, After Augustus has been issued with a very serious illness. Augustus decided diverse basis to not have the authority for the consulate and to presume instead of these two powers, proconsul authority over the whole empire, which the senatorial provinces and the city of Rome, and Tribuncian power, which is now appearing in his titles. Therefore, the illness of Augustus in 23 BC, he was very treated because after his death there had to be a successor to his power who was able to control and run the system, most likely a successor which was from his family. Julia, was the only daughter from three of his marriages, he had to make his daughter marry his nephew, Marcellus, then to a trusted friend of his, Agrippa. Tiberius, the son of Gaius and Lucius, Augustus adopted him (stepson), whom his adoptive father Julius Caesar, after the death of Augustus was adoration as a god. Agrippa was a blessing for…show more content…
The settlement of 23 BC had two main elements, Augustus gave up the position of consul, and the proconsul imperium was now demand to be superior to that of a governor of any other province. During 23 BC, Augustus was granted Tribunician Authority for life, he now had the power to legislate in the assemblies which also led him to summon the senate. He was given the authority to sit between the consuls and granted consular imperium Rome so he did not need to become Consul for life. He did not protect individuals against the actions of magistrates but sadly Augustus gave up consul because each year had caused resentment amongst Rome’s political
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