Augustus 's Life During The Civil War

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Augustus had a discouraging childhood as he was unhealthy and did not have many connections with the government. Augustus was born on 23, September 63 BC. He was the son of a man from Velitrae who was in the position of praetorship and died unexpectedly when Augustus was 4. At this same time, Rome was dangerous because of extensive civil war. Augustus’ great uncle, Julius Caesar, was involved in this war. Augustus’ father was married to Atia, who was the daughter of Julia, Caesar’s sister. Later on in Augustus’ life, Caesar’s distant family relationship was idle to how Augustus came into power. When Augustus’s grandmother, Julia, died, Augustus delivered the eulogy at her funeral, which was his first public appearance. Soon after, Caesar won the civil war and was given the title of dictator of Rome. In order for Caesar to claim power, he needed a heir. Since he did not have a son of his own, he adopted Augustus. Augustus was a young man with no knowledge of politics in Rome, therefore, this was a great opportunity for him to gain knowledge from Caesar, since he was deemed son of Caesar. Soon after, Caesar died; he was murdered by his own advisors. Augustus was 19 when this happened and instantly took power of Rome.
Augustus’ victories have helped him glorify Rome during his reign as emperor, as well as showing dedication to Rome, which was unfortunately false, overall, he only used his victories to gain popularity in Rome. In 31 BC, Augustus defeated Cleopatra and Mark…
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