Augustus 's Success As A Military Monarchy

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Augustus’s success is entirely based around the principle “I give to you so that you may give to me”. This is how he successfully created a military monarchy. Once he defeated a territory, those who sought amnesty were spared as long as they gave swore they’re allegiance to Augustus. He gave things to people in return for their allegiance. “I assigned all of them fields or gave them money for their military service” (3). He provided people with amenities in return from military service. t mentions, on multiple occasions, how he gave back to not just the people who surrender to him, but to the town, the public, the military, and the senate as well. In sections 15-18, that’s all he talks about. “I gave HS 400 per man for the third time. And, these public gifts of mine never reached fewer than 250,000 men.” (15). This is how he managed to stay so popular among the people, and how he created an army so large. The same principle applied to the Gods “I rebuilt eighty-two temples” (20). He did things to appease the Gods, and expected them to return the favor. Augustus always tried to deflect his praise and blend in with the romans. He often refers to the senate as noticing the things he did, as opposed to him recognizing himself. “When the senate decreed more triumphs for me, I sat out from all of them” (4), and how the senate decree’s things in his honor, “The senate decreed that vows be undertaken for my health by the consuls and priests every fifth year” (9). He was also
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