Ault Comp MCO: A Case Study

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Ault Comp MCO, is a full-service managed care organization that specializes in Worker’s Compensation and medical management. This organization is based in Massillon Ohio. Ault Comp MCO is an organization that submits the appropriate claims quickly so that injured workers can return to work as soon as possible. Furthermore, Ault Comp has access to 14,000 providers and rehabilitation specialist that meet strict quality and efficient cost standards ("Ault Comp MCO has combined 290 year’s experience", n.d.). The plethora of rehabilitation specialist and providers enables Ault Comp to increase clients access to these necessary services. Furthermore, Ault Comp has been serving the state of Ohio for 20 plus years ("Ault Comp MCO has combined 290…show more content…
In this partnership Ault Comp works with injured workers to evaluate their necessities so that these employees may return to work in a appropriate fashion. Furthermore, this organization is comprised of many levels and these levels address their clients’ needs to again, return to work. Ault Comps vision is to, “Be recognized as a leading Managed Care Organization (MCO) and be dedicated to a team focused approach to workers’ compensation managed care” ("Ault Comp MCO has combined 290 years experience", n.d.) Ault Comp MCO services include but are not limited to medical case management, reporting, employer/ employee education, Personal customer service. Each of these levels contain dedicated liaisons that continually monitor clients once they return to work. Each of these levels want to work in conjunction with each other to create a positive and safe work environment for those injured worker’s environment.


In conclusion, The Ohio Workers Compensation Benefit requires the participating business owners to use an MCO that may serve their needs when an employee is injured or disabled. Ault Comp ensures that their clients employees may access the correct providers to return to work quickly and safely. This partnership facilitates employers to keep their Ohio Workers Compensation premiums as low as
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