Aum Shinrikyo

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Aum Shinrikyo
Aum Shinrikyo is a Japanese doomsday cult founded in 1984 by Shoko Asahara, it is also known by the names Aum and Aleph. This group is listed as a terrorist group even though they have been involved in only a small amount of terrorist actions, what makes them such an interesting case study is their doctrines and motivating factors as well as their history of planned assassinations and status as a cult.
A very powerful form of terrorism is those routed with religion, the draw of a higher person can influence a person very easily, this can be seen within several successful terrorist groups.
The reason they are classified as a terrorist group isn’t based on their actions but rather their potential and their potential
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Aum Shinrikyo is very much focused around doomsday, their beliefs stem from their own spin on Buddhism and their objective is to bring forth this Armageddon.
In the opinion of Daniel A. Metraux, Aum Shinrikyo justifies its violence via its own unique version of Buddhist ideas and doctrines, such as the Buddhist concepts of Mappō and Shōhō - Aum believed that by bringing forth the end of the world, they would restore Shōhō (Furthermore, Lifton believes, Asahara "interpreted the Tibetan Buddhist concept of poa in order to claim that by killing someone contrary to the group's aims, they were preventing them from accumulating bad karma and thus saving them"
Japanese government officials state that in 1989 Asahara published a major religious treatise on Armageddon entitled The Destruction of the World. In this treatise Asahara allegedly describes a world-wide calamity based upon a suspected war between Japan and the United States which would start around 1997. Asahara claims to have based his predictions on "The Prophecies of Nostradamus', the "Revelations of St. John" from the New Testament, Buddhist scriptures, and other personal
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