Aunt Ester : A Critical Thinking And Writing About Literature

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Troy Heck English 104 Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature Dr. Slack April 27, 2016 Aunt Ester’s significance in August Wilson’s plays August Wilson uses a woman named Aunt Ester as the main character in five of his ten paly in the Pittsburg cycle. “Gem of the ocean” is the first of the plays that we actually see Aunt Ester and she becomes more that just a voice the reader. “Gem of the Ocean” is a play depicting the life of newly freed slaves living in the Hill District of Pittsburg, centering on how one woman, Aunt Ester, helps people that are in trouble, either legally or spiritually. Aunt Ester is the main character in many of Wilson’s play. She is an older woman that is more like a spiral healer than just a resident of the town. She uses her life skills and teachings to help the residents of the town during times of disturbances in their lives. Aunt Ester is more than just a woman living her life; she takes great pride in helping others and is trying to pass the knowledge that she has gained throughout her life along. Her role and actions in Wilson’s plays are the backbone of what of what he is trying to portray to African American men and their loss of their heritage. Aunt Ester takes on many roles in Wilson’s paly, but her role as a mother figure to the entire town is one of the biggest. Everyone in town knows to go to Aunt Ester when they are in trouble or need advice. In “Gem of the Ocean” Citizen Barlow is told to “Go see Aunt Ester” with the

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