Aunt Hattie Research Paper

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Growing up and hearing my dad say, “I am going to Hattie’s house who wants to come.” This would always make all of us kids jump off the couch. As a matter of fact, I would have dropped anything I was doing to go to her house. Everyone loved my aunt Hattie. It always seems like she had the whole neighborhood at her house. That’s probably because she did. My aunt Hattie has always been so welcoming and open hearted; she was always so delighted to see anyone that walked through her door. She always made you feel as if her house was your own. Always insisting us to help ourselves to all the food and drinks she kept at the house. I can never remember a time being bored at my Aunt Hattie’s house. Her house was like an all you can eat buffet, racetrack and ballpark all at once. Every year my older sister, and two younger brothers, and I would have the chance to stay at her house, while my parents went to Niagara Falls for their anniversary. It was always hard to pick out what to do…show more content…
We had cookouts, New Year’s, Christmas gatherings, and even all came together for some good old baseball games. Family events at Aunt Hattie’s were so lively. However, under any circumstances did Hattie allow any conflict. Hattie always seemed to resolve any fighting that went on even if it was among adults. She was definitely a peace maker. I remember one time my dad was hollering at me for not asking if I could go down in the basement and play foosball. Consequently, he made me sit on the stairs. My Aunt Hattie jumped into that argument undoubtedly quick. She said, “All the kids are welcome to play with any of the toys downstairs, outside, or anywhere that’s what they are there for.” She immediately then gave me the permission to go downstairs and play. It tickled me really. My dad was not easy to win an argument with, but my aunt Hattie made him think twice. She simply did not allow kids to be restricted from fun while they were
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