Aurora Shooting

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Inside the Aurora Colorado Shooting On the night of July 20th, 2012 the term tragedy was rewritten as the largest mass shooting in United States history took place in a movie theater located in Aurora, Colorado. What is now known as “The Batman Massacre” resulted in twelve casualties, fifty eight injuries, grief ridden family members, and left the rest of the United States searching for answers. This horrific scene will be replayed in the minds of the survivors for life and will be one of grave devastation to the family members directly involved. The shooting has many dynamic angles to consider, especially the ones that involve the shooter. Included here is his background, the legal issues inflicted, and his motive to carry out such a …show more content…
He picked a highly intense part of the movie to perform his attack, which was filled with gun shots and explosions to blend the sound. This could only have been done by Holmes studying the film and deciding when he was going to attack. The second set of first degree charges involved murder with malice aforethought. Malice refers to acts obtained through evil or indifference towards human life. This is demonstrated by him single-handedly inflicting a massacre of innocent and defenseless spectators. The counts of second degree murders were represented in two different circumstances. The first was his attempt to murder to all of the moviegoers that he wounded in his shooting rampage. The second demonstration was in reference to his apartment, in which he lined with enough explosives to bring down the entire building. This is also where his charge of possession of illegal explosives is represented. Another Colorado legality issue that stands out in this case is the possession of firearms that Holmes obtained for his attack. At the point of his arrest, Holmes was in possession of an AR-15 assault rifle, a Remington 12-gauge shot gun, a .40 Glock handgun. Additionally, he had a fourth gun in his vehicle and was said to have purchased six thousand rounds of ammunition total. Local law enforcement claimed that he possessed all of this through online distributors legally, totaling over
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