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ror"Aurora" Summary The story, which relies heavily upon sexual references and drug use, opens with the first-person narrator and his friend, Cut, buying a stash of weed, some of which they use as they drive home to sort, weigh, and bag. Cut is eating cookies, but the narrator is waiting for his girlfriend. He notices that the places where she 'd scratched him are healing. When she arrives, he notes that she 's skinny "like a twelve-year-old" and that she has the shakes, coming down off some drug. They have sex, and she begs him to "go easy," but he 's high and hormonal and hurts her, anyway. He feels badly about it the next morning. "A Working Day" is the next section in the story, wherein theprotagonist and his friends are out selling…show more content…
She focuses more on her drug habit than on her boyfriend. She longs for his affection especially when they were separated but her longing is not as strong as her addiction. Nothing is as strong as her addiction. Her boyfriend stays with her because he still has feelings for her. Her drug habit comes between them and they make the best of it. Diaz’s use of plot is ironic because he is a drug dealer. The narrator sees the effects of drugs on both sides. He benefits from other people’s dependency. But drugs also hurt him because Aurora’s addiction interferes with their relationship. They don’t spend much time together because she goes away to the Hacienda to be around her drug addicted friends. Still, he imagines a different ending to their story: “I’d put my arm around her and I wouldn’t let her go for like fifty years, maybe not ever. I know people who quit just like that, who wake up one day with bad breath and say, No more. I’ve had enough” (61). He wants her to quit but he doesn’t know how to make her stop. As a dealer he knows how to supply addiction but not how to stop it. He wants to hold on to the past because he hasn’t accepted the fact that their lives have changed. He doesn’t want change in his life and to let her go would allow change. Even Cut advises him to cut his losses: “Stay away from her, Cut said. Luck like
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