Aurther Sharplin's Case Study On Lincoln Electric Company

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AurtherSharplin wrote a case study on Lincoln Electric Company [1]back in 1989 to document their success and what led to it. The company was very successful at the time of this study and it is a well written document. The case study finds many factors for the success of the company which appears to have a truly altruistic approach to business. In my case analysis I will not only look at the positive and negative attributes of the company, but I will also look at modern available data to see how well has the company faired and compare corporate policy changes. Meeting with a company and discussing with its leadership its success is not the only factor which should be considered now that we have an additional 24 years’ worth of data. The…show more content…
The first item a noted as a potential negative is arguably both positive and negative. There is no formal training system and off-site training is not provided. There is on-the-job training but the company considers off site training to be expending funds to give individuals advantages that are unfair. There is a very all or nothing consideration that makes this a fair philosophy that may have a long term negative impact on the organization. The company also focuses on cost from their financial approach. With a focus on cost they can drive down price which improves sales for the company as a whole but this can also be negative for the employee’s environment. Focusing on cost means there is a lot of pressure to do things fast. This has a potential to really impact an employee’s…show more content…
The bonus process is still continued and results in an excellent incentive. The policies have changed slightly since there is now a three year timeframe as an employee before lay-offs do not affect you. The company financial philosophy of not holding debt has also changed since they have held a positive debt to equity ratio since at least March, 2003[4]. The company has embraced globalization and has operations now in India and China. In summary, the culture of the headquarters is obviously outcome-oriented but has checks and has found a functional niche of global

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