Aurum Preparatory Academy: A Case Study

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Going into the fall, Aurum Preparatory Academy faces 2 primary issues: a gap in funding for staff and a lack of the ability to effectively fund our community outreach. Funding for Staff: Our Executive Director, David Hardin, is both a fellow with Building Excellent Schools (“BES”) and Educate 78 (“Ed78”). This year, his salary has been covered by BES. Typically, BES Fellows submit their charter petitions during the 1st year of the BES Fellowship and upon charter approval, Fellows receive the Walton Family Foundation Grant to assist in school start up and salary coverage. Originally, our founding team had planned on submitting the charter in June. However, through continued conversations with the Office of Charters and Superintendent we…show more content…
Community Outreach: Over the last several months our team has engaged the community with a robust and extensive listening campaign. In that time, we have garnered the support of local schools, churches, and non-profits such as Cox Academy, Acts Full Gospel, and the Oakland Leaf. We have also been able to build a Family Advisory Council of supporting parents and families with more than 25 members. The demand for our school is clear with over 100 intent to enroll forms in less than 3 months. Up to this point, our community outreach strategy has been run and solely operated by our Executive Director. While he has been able to achieve much in partnership with several of our community partners and Family Advisory Council we could do more with funds to direct in this capacity. Specifically, we would like to be able to provide stipends to our most active and committed volunteers in addition to providing incentives such as gift cards, food, and child care for parents who attend our ongoing meetings. These costs would also help to cover expenses such as printing marketing materials, ads, and our online
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