Auschwitz As A Symbol Of Terror, Genocide, And The Holocaust

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“Sometimes I am asked if I know 'the response to Auschwitz; I answer that not only do I not know it, but that I don 't even know if a tragedy of this magnitude has a response” (Wiesel). It is fair to say that Auschwitz was one of the most gruesome death camps during World War two. I have looked into many different parts of Auschwitz. I found out what Auschwitz was, what it was used for, and many of the different parts of the camp. Auschwitz was a popular town in south-west Poland, which was also a holocaust camp during World War two. “All over the world, Auschwitz has become a symbol of terror, genocide, and the Holocaust” ("AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU"). The main reason for the creation of Auschwitz was that they needed more space for the people they were capturing. “German concentration camp and later death camp of Auschwitz was established on May 20, 1940” ("Auschwitz Death Camp"). At first, Auschwitz was supposed to be just another concentration camp. As time elapsed, it became one of the largest and most brutal death camps during the Holocaust. During the war, the Jewish people were sent to different concentration camps to work or to be killed. Auschwitz had many predicted uses. In the beginning, Auschwitz was initially going to serve as a detention center for prisoners of politics. A lot of the prisoners were anit-Nazi activists, politicians, luminaries, or resistance members. However, the camp changed into a series of smaller camps where Jewish and other hate groups of the
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