Auschwitz Concentration Camp Design And Design

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One point two five million people killed, worked to death, then sent up in flames. One point two five million people that is the number of people the concentration camp Auschwitz killed. Auschwitz, the most vile of the concentration camps in Europe, was built in 1940. Its design was such that it was the home of the most deaths and worst medical experiments out of the other concentration camps. The focus on Auschwitz pertaining to its structure and design, its mortality rate, and the horrific medical experiments performed by Doctor Josef Mengele all combined to make Auschwitz the hell on Earth that it was. Auschwitz was located in Oswiecim, Poland. The location was set perfectly so the compounds would have easy access to rail. The Auschwitz…show more content…
Each part had a specific task for its prisoners. Buna, the main work camp supplied hundreds of workers for construction jobs as well as factory labor. Buna was the third and final camp that was built. The prisoners worked in the Petro-Chemical Corporation I.G. Farben factory. There they made synthetic rubber and fuel. Before the factory was built, the Nazis had the prisoners clear the land and make it suitable for the factory’s construction. The land prior to the clearing was an open marsh which later lead to many diseases being spread by the prisoners throughout the camp. This lead to very high casualties, especially the cold winter months. The second part of the concentration camp that was built was Birkenau. The intention of the Birkenau concentration camp was to be a prison. In Birkenau, the Nazis held prisoners of war from when they invaded the Soviet Union. Within the prison, the people staying there as prisoners were punished in numerous ways. They were tortured for data on the war, they were selected, if fit, to take part in painful medical experiments by Doctor Josef Mengele. The most infamous part of the Auschwitz compound was the kill camp, Auschwitz. Auschwitz was a repurposed Austro-Hungarian artillery barrack. All the camps had casualties, but Auschwitz main goal was to exterminate its population. Anyone unfit to work was sent to Auschwitz to be killed. These were usually the elderly, young children, and women not fit for working. They were killed in gas chambers designed and built by the Nazis. The chambers would kill by releasing Zyklon B into the air, which then suffocated and killed people in an average time of fifteen minutes. Zyklon B is an insecticide which means it is used to kill insects, but it is so potent that when oxidized it can even kill humans. Then to dispose of the
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