Auschwitz Persuasive Essay

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Auschwitz It has a gloomy vibe. 4 large crematoria like buildings, along with the smell of death in the air, with just a hint of fear. There are the constant trains bringing along the next set of victims, unsuspecting and unwilling. These hostages, freedom bound and hopeful, just praying that they will survive the night. What is this horror show of a place? Auschwitz, the infamous holocaust death camp, known to be one of the biggest contributors to the mass genocide, started from it’s humble beginning, to it’s terrifyingly efficient peak, consequently, to its long awaited death. Initially, Auschwitz was a very concise and logical idea. The beginning is a very misunderstood one, as it was supposed to be a very simple and uncomplicated holding camp for Polish political prisoners of war. The location for Auschwitz was chosen because it was on the outskirts of Poland, out of view from civilians as shown here “Nazi officials thought that an old Polish military camp on the outskirts of the town would provide a good foundation…”(Deem 7) this quote clearly explains how the nazi’s thought that the…show more content…
There is very little evidence of Auschwitz because as the Soviets began closing in on Poland and the nazi’s, the camp officials came to the final decision to burn Auschwitz. Moreover, they wanted to leave no evidence behind so they burned Auschwitz and had the prisoners relocate to other camps. This journey was dreaded and often meant death as shown “Most of the surviving prisoners were forced to march in freezing weather to other concentration camps. Many who could not keep up were shot and killed.” (Deem 15) This showed how the guards had gotten rid of most prisoners and how the walk to other camps was a march of death. However, the Americans were still able to prove the existence of Auschwitz with the little evidence that they had. Thus proving that the end of Auschwitz was a quiet one and that the horror still remains to this
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