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Case 9
Aussie Pooch Mobile
1. How did Christine Taylor succeed in evolving the local dog-washing service she developed as a teenager into an international franchise business?
Christine turned her childhood job into an international franchise by having a few strengths to set her apart from others, one she had a brand and concept that had a few competitors at the time. Also she was able to understand what the customer wanted because of her early exposure to customer service skills. Plus she was able to see that there was a demand for this service by her customers. She was focused and determined, even when pregnant she was thinking of ways to expand, but to expand in the right way, she didn’t want to take on new services that made her
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3. From a franchisee’s perspective, what are the key benefits of belonging to the APM franchise in (a) the first year and (b) the third and subsequent years?
Some of the key benefits of being a franchisee for APM are that the owner Chris has developed this company and sees it as her first child, to me this means she is an engaged owner and still sees the need to introduce guidance to the new franchisees. Some of the perks of being a franchise owner are that each state has its own manager, training team and cultural support office.
a) Within its first year the company provided 2 weeks pre opening training for all new owners. This covered operations and business procedures, the hydrobathing techniques, dog grooming techniques and basic info on dog heath and behavior. The franchisee receives a lot of marketing support from APM like distribution of pamphlets, and ads and promotions in local newspapers. They also receive a detailed operations manual, which explains the standards of the company. The company also offers ongoing training, seminars and meeting with other owners and franchise advice committees. A major benefit with in the first year is that the company guarantees weekly income of $600 for the first ten weeks, and receive a package insurance deal paid for a six month period.

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