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Aussie Pooch Mobile Executive Summary Aussie Pooch Mobile was founded is a continuously growing company since the foundation in 1991. Dog washing with the accessory value added services lift Aussie up to be a dominant company on the market. The introduction of the franchise system increased profitability quickly and the company continued to follow the successful franchise strategy. Aussie Pooch Mobile was considering being a more international company and expands internationally. Different issues need to be considered in the expanding process: where, when and in what from should the company expand? What products and services are needed for being successful in the future as well? Increasing competition can influence all the decisions…show more content…
Their aim is to attract new customers but retain the existing ones as well. They use a brightly colored trailer which helped to promote the service many times. Once they could ask the satisfied customers to recommend the service to their neighbor or on the other hand could encourage the owners to increase the frequency of the service was another way to build business. They segmented those people who were busy and could afford $15-$30 amount of money. They used different allowances like they did 2 or 3 dogs much cheaper or they always offered valuable and supporting information about the dogs which were the motivational factors of the business towards the customers. According to the frequency of the use of the service, the whole company bathed more than 20,000 dogs each month which gave them a $3 million annual turnover. But there were two significant competitors the Jim’s Dogwash and Hydrodog. Jim’s strategy was to create smaller territories and working with relatively low prices recruiting new franchisees. Both competitors did not use any kinds of special offers except Hydrodog sold food products. So we can say that APM uses a prominent strategy by providing several master franchisees that allows attaining large a territory and sell franchises within it. To maximize profitability they need to operate as efficiently as possible and reducing the time spent in non-revenue-producing activities. Otherwise they

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