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Purpose and overview This report is meant for the vice president of marketing at Aussie Pooch Mobile. The report is meant to help Aussie Pooch Mobile identify the best marketing strategy to use in order for it to be among the best dog washing company and also help it stay profitable and ahead of its competitors. Identifying the areas the company can tap into, that is the external opportunities, the competitors that are likely to pose a threat to Aussie Pooch Mobile and diminish its revenue base, will do this. The report will also analyze the strengths of the company that it needs to build upon and, the weaknesses or the things the company is not doing the way it should be done and find a solution to improve these areas altogether.…show more content…
They use special hydro bath equipment that enables the operators clean the dogs very well than it is possible in a basic home garden, they discovered that hydro bath could reduce and eliminate fleas and ticks, improve its skin condition and clean its coat and make dogs smell good. They use brightly colored trailers that help promote their services, and also ask satisfied customers to use word of mouth to recommend service to their neighbors. They people who can afford between $15-$30 based on breed, size, condition of coat and skin and geographic location etc. They use different kind of coupons like washing 2 or 3 dogs much cheaper or offer valuable and supporting info about dogs. APM bathed more than 20,000 dogs each month, which gave them an annual turnover of $3 million. Aussie Pooch Mobile has two prominent competitors, the Jim’s Dogwash and Hydrodog. Jim’s Dogwash applied the strategy of creating smaller territories and lowering the price of recruiting new franchises. Hydrodog on the other hand sold food products but, no special offers like APM’s use of coupons. The strategy used by APM is providing franchises that create large territories and sell franchises within it. APM needs to reduce the time spent in non-revenue providing activities and instead focus on operating efficiently to maximize profit. APM needs to increase their marketing and promotional activities such as website,
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