Austalian Struggles During the Kokoda Battle

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Although the Australians eventually pushed back the Japanese in the Battle of Kokoda. They were not always certain to win the war. Owing to a combination of factors such as, the Incompetence of Australian Command, the Discipline and Attitude of Japanese soldiers, difficult terrain and weather, Early Errors and an outbreak of diseases, the Australians would have been defeated. There was a real threat of defeat. The incompetence of the Australian/American command nearly lost the Australians the battle of Kokoda. The Australian troops of the Battle of Kokoda were an army of Militia (Army Reserves), who were known as the chocolate soldiers by the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). The term chocolate soldiers referred to the Militia as being unexperienced and untrained, resembling they would melt in the heat of battle. “It’s not the man with the gun that gets shot, it’s the rabbit that runs away”-Sargent General Blamey. The AIF were busy fighting in North Africa, and when their commander heard about the war in Kokoda, they took their time to get back and assist. Eventually the Militia managed to hold the Japanese at Isurava when the AIF came and brang with them, cigarettes, water and food. The Japanese had strong discipline and a war attitude, which they brought with them to the Battle of Kokoda. The odds were always in the Japanese favour, there was approximately four Japanese to every one Australian. “The Japanese warriors – the samurai – had always lived to die, if you won,
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