Austin A Hero

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A house caught ablaze by a raging fire as the family is still trapped inside. Most of the building has already collapsed making escape almost impossible. The firefighters desperately try to put out the fire when a fireman rushes into the slowly collapsing building. A few moments pass, all the while the crackling fire continues to rage and grow more intense with every second. Then, after a few more moments the front door crashes to the ground and the family is rushing out with the fireman right behind them. This man is a true modern, everyday, hero. His selflessness and his courage are his heroic qualities. Furthermore my brother, Austin, is a hero as he also possess one of these two qualities, selflessness. Being selfless is the ability to put others before yourself. An example of my brothers selflessness is him saving me from being run over by a car. My family and I were coming out of a…show more content…
An example of a courage hero would be a sheriff helping a man that got stuck during the events of hurricane Harvey. A reporter had seen the man stuck in his truck that was overflowing with water. She had also seen the sheriff and waved him down. From there the sheriff pulled up to the window of the truck and broke it. He then crawled in and pulled the man's belonging and the man onto his boat. If it wasn't for the sheriff pulling the man onto the boat. If it wasn't for the sheriff then the man would have more than likely died. The sheriff is a hero and showed his courageousness by climbing into the vehicle to save the man. These are two of many qualities I believe make a hero. For if it wasn't the selflessness of my brother then I would be badly injured. If the sheriff was courages then there would be one more life to add to the list of affected people. My brother and the sheriff are heroes because of these two qualities they
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