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Austin Lyon Colten Frey Mrs. Wilson American History B 5-11-17 Life Before Presidency John F. Kennedy was born into a wealthy family in Boston. His father was a successful man who made a lot of money from the stock market. Kennedy 's father managed to take all of his stock out before the stock market crash. So while everyone else was struggling through the great depression Kennedy was having no problems at all. The United States went into world war II right after Kennedy graduated from Harvard. Kennedy tried to join the navy but, they weren 't interested because he was always ill. But thanks to his wealthy father he was assigned to serve in the south pacific. In the south pacific kennedy commanded a motor torpedo boat. In August 1943…show more content…
Lee’s mother soon put him and his two brothers in a orphanage. Lee’s mom soon picked the young Oswald 's back up after she remarried and then she moved with them to New York. Lee Oswald soon had to fend for himself due to his mom working longer hours and playing hookie from his classes. Lee was eventually picked up and placed in a detention hall where he became and emotionally detached and said that he gave off the feeling of a kid that nobody gave a darn about. Lee’s mom moved back to New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1956 Lee joined the U.S. Marines while developing his interest in socialist literature that he started in New York. Lee was quoted to be a better than average marksman but he was court-martialed twice in 1958 for the possession of illegal weapons and for his violent behavior. He soon notified the russian that he wanted to move their and serve the Soviet Union. After an intense debate he was elected for a spy and he was strictly monitored by the Soviet Union. Lee Oswald soon dissifactory of the Soviet Union moved back to the United States in 1962 bringing his wife and his newborn daughter. Lee and his family found a home in Dallas, Texas. Lee oswald then ordered a .38 handgun and then he had requested for a rifle. Marina took a picture of Lee and his new weapons and the rifle identified in the picture was soon identified as the rifle used to kill John F. Kennedy. In April 1963 Lee Oswald was accused of trying to

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