Australi A Different Perspective On Australian History Past And Present

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Australian Indigenous Education has exposed me to a different perspective on Australian history past and present. During this unit, I have been provided with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of what is typical stereotyping of Aboriginal culture, origins and history. My knowledge has broadened from Aboriginal people are typical in non-education and not wanting to learn, alcoholics and ‘bad’ people. In fact, Aboriginal people are misunderstood due to the myths and stories that have been told in the past.
A statement made by Marcia Langton (n.d), is “Most Australians do not know how to relate to Aboriginal people, they relate to stories told by former colonist”. Reading this marks a turning point for me, as I have questioned the validity of my own knowledge. This has inspired me to look further into the Aboriginal history past and present and learn to be non-judgmental from what stories have been told. Harrison (2011) emphasises the need to be aware of bias, and the importance of including Indigenous perspectives. It has also provided me with a better understanding of how I am able to teach and relate to the children in my classroom.
Harrison (2011, p. 90) explains that Aboriginal persons often speak different languages and dialects in the home environment than are used in the school. As a teacher I can improve my practise by maintaining awareness of this difficulty and adjusting learning activities accordingly. For example, by reducing the emphasis on…
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