Australi A New Britannia

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Australia is, and always has been an immigrant society. Without a continuous stream of immigration, our modern society would not be as urbanised, affluent and economically stable as it is today. Australia, once a British colony, was termed ‘a new Britannia’, as it was viewed as one of the most ‘British’ societies in the world outside of the UK. Since its conception and its obvious need for settlers, Australia has used deliberate and careful selection of its new potential citizens as a method of controlling population change, but also to construct a successful society. Although it may be morally wrong, it produced a better social outcome than a nation with a free market of labour such as the South Asia and the Caribbean, where sweat-shops are commonplace . Australia has long and strong xenophobic traditions, and ideologies of racism and imperialism, that have always been allowed to influence immigration, as is shown through the use of dictation tests and selective migration. Our first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton stated that unless the Commonwealth kept out all ‘coloured people’, Australia would eventually be overwhelmed by an ‘inferior race’. The issue of white supremacy being maintained in Australia throughout the 20th century derives from the intertwining of ‘Social Darwinism’; the belief that humans can be divided into ‘castes’ according to race, with policymaking. By 1947, the non-European (excluding indigenous) population of Australia was measured at less than a

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