Australi The Great Ocean Road Serving As A Vital Interstate Travel And Scenic Route

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The picturesque qualities across the Surf Coast has been home to unique communities drawing in tourism for many years. The Great Ocean Road gave way to settlement and tourism along the rugged coastline; The Great Ocean Road serving as a vital interstate travel and scenic route.
Comprising of pristine beaches, coastal and rural environments; the locality recognises the need to maintain and enhance Jan Juc - Torquay green spaces and beaches (Figure 1 & 2).

Figure 1 (left), Jan Juc Surf beach, (source, Plan Book Travel, accessed 10 September 2016)
Figure 2 (right) Torquay Victoria (source, Australia Tour Guide, accessed 10 September 2016)

The Jan Juc - Torquay region is experiencing growth greater than the Victorian average (SurfCoast, 2012). The vision to house a diverse range of dwelling types and accommodate for a broad demographic gives rise to the concern of overdevelopment without significant consideration given to open space and natural system requirements. The localities natural environment is the core of the town 's assets and it is vital to manage development in a manner that ensures key natural assets are protected (SurfCoast, 2012).

The consideration of ‘Open Space’ and’ Natural Systems’ in the Spring Creek Structure Plan will pave the road for a healthy, active and vibrant community within the Jan Juc locality. With reference to the aforementioned vision and keeping in line with “ Sustainable Futures Plan 2040” (SurfCoast, 2016), it is important to recognise
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